JESSE NEUMAN____________________trumpet+cornet+live electronics

KAASH: Hindustani Electronica

ON KAASH’s Seep:

 "Singer Samita Sinha, trained in classical Indian music, makes boundaries disappear with this sometimes jazzy, often ethereal aural adventure."

-Billboard's Top 5 Hear and Now

 Seep is a record that begs to be listened to over and over so the experience of being totally swept away can be repeated. When you listen to KAASH, you enter a world that is not only musical, but also philosophical, spiritual, meditative and sensuous. A fascinating mix and intertwining of East and West.”

-All About Jazz

 ‘Kaash’s tight drum’n bass propulsion sets a hot pace for Sinha’s adroit singing… [she] leads with… teeming phrasing she derives from deep Indian vocal traditions.’

-New York Resident

 ".....Kaash took the stage with band members that represented the fusion of these musics. Jesse Neuman not only played trumpet inside the two styles, but used various electronic effects sensitively and in the service of the music, helping to create a floating feel, while Dan Fabricatore's bass playing tread the line between the repetitive nature of the music and the drive needed for the Western infusion. Isabel Pupo-Walker was outstanding playing various percussion instruments that came from Latin music, but which had their sounds and rhythms molded to be in close coordination with Jain, whose drumming constantly drifted back and forth between West and East, when he was not using a laptop for effect. Tabla was not missed.

-Budd Kopman, All About Jazz concert review: The Blue Note, New York